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Amita Bhalla

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Arlana’s Gourmet Cookies

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A king in paradise

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Be Great TV

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Chef Claudia D

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Della Ricca

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Equity Movement Enterprises

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Holistic Hyperbarics

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Kiddie Kredit

Kiddie Kredit

Evan Leaphart created Kiddie Kredit in 2018. Kiddie Kredit is a financial literacy app that teaches kids about credit by incentivizing productivity and good behavior. The premise is simple: the better a child performs their duties/activities, the better their score. They do this by creating a “kredit” score that parallels traditional FICO scoring models. Kiddie Kredit’s mission is to leverage technology to educate and empower future generations.

NEEDS: While Evan Leaphart came to us to establish his personal brand presence, he quickly pivoted us to work on both his own and his company Kiddie Kredit’s PR. His company, Kiddie Kredit was undergoing a fundraising campaign and needed maximum exposure to help attract investors.

SOLUTION: We used a multifaceted approach to guide them through the fundraising campaign. In addition our team worked on focus groups and targeted reach outside their networks to garner press including Forbes.com, Entepreneur.com Action and Ambition podcast, CNBC, and more. Through these actions we positioned Evan as an expert in a number of topics. 

Additional Reach


Publicity efforts were multiplied through social media across several accounts including the publication’s platforms, Anika PR platforms, Kiddie Kredit platforms and more.


Kiddie Kredit and Evan Leaphart both saw a combined increase in media exposure of almost 380%. The top sources on which Evan was featured the most were Twitter and independent blog sites.

Next Steps:

We have just entered phase II of his work, creating and curating speaking opportunities, high level press, and solidifying him as the non-technical app expert.

Miami EdTech

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my Covid MD


Shared Harvest Fund is a B-corp founded by three women doctors to spread prosperity through purpose and compassion. The founders understood that financial health directly impacts mental health and wellbeing. Shared Harvest is the first citizens health corps to tackle the health inequities of Covid-19 and student debt at the same time by building a network that promotes wellness, service and student debt relief. 

NEEDS: The Founders were unsure how a PR strategy would help get the word out about Shared Harvest Fund, Shared Harvest Foundation, and their joint myCOVIDMD initiative to bring free telehealth and  Covid-19 antibody testing into underserved communities.

SOLUTION: Through a combination of direct pitching, wire services and Cision services as well as press releases and media alerts, their press and social mentions skyrocketed. Case in point – initial press release reached a Forbes editor, who wrote about the main Founder and the project, which was picked up by Amazon Studios, and the organization was featured on 

Amazon’s Regular Heroes, Episode Five. View Trailer 

Additional Reach


Extended reach through social platforms including publications platforms, Anika PR socials and more.


Other forms of media such as radio shows and podcasts were also tapped to increase exposure. A notable feature was on NPR, All things Considered.


We created strategic partnerships with companies such as Blackbird House to help increase awareness of myCOVIDMD resources.

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Pink Virus Film

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Quality Works

QualityWorks Agile Testing Bootcamp Initiative​

In late August 2020, QualityWorks announced their upcoming initiative, the Agile Testing Bootcamp, and encouraged members of the BIPOC community to apply for the free six-week bootcamp to learn in-demand testing skills for a new career in tech.The aim of the Bootcamp is to provide job opportunities to Americans who exist within marginalized communities, particularly African-Americans, by training and placing talented resources in companies looking for software testers; helping close the gaps of disparity and increase representation and diversity in the technology industry. Sponsored by the Count Me In Revival Grant, The Agile Testing Bootcamp is an immersive training program geared specifically toward upskilling individuals with non-technical backgrounds to obtain high-paying, high-demand technical jobs in software testing.

NEEDS: QualityWorks was looking for ways to reach their target members of the BIPOC community to apply for the free six-week bootcamp.

SOLUTION: With the application deadline on October 5th, 2020, Anika PR took on a 6-week hard push to get the news in the right hands and attract the right applicants, expanding QualityWorks’ audiences to those outside of the tech realm in an effort to gain traction of BIPOC in different industries.

Agile Testing Bootcamp Public Relations GoalTargetCoverage Outcome
Gain credibility within the tech industry.Tech media outlets and specifically BIPOC tech outlets

Minority Business Enterprises Magazine

Infosecurity Magazine

SoCal Tech

Spread awareness to BIPOC
communities outside of the
tech industry, targeting
industries that innately have
applicable skills.
Medicine/Health, Education, Media, Business,
Finance/Economics, StartUps


Prosperi Press

Coin 5S

Passage to Profit Podcast

Establish CEO Stacy Kirk as a DEI advocate
and expert.
Pitch to nationwide and localized DEI blogs,
podcasts, magazine articles (digital and print),
and all other forms of media

Thrive Global: “‘Clearly and transparently define the criteria’ With Jilea Hemmings & Stacy Kirk”

Authority Magazine: “Stacy Kirk of QualityWorks: When you omit the convoluted mess of bias and create a clear cut path for POC to move up the ranks, diversity will naturally follow’”

Prosperi Press: Tech Entrepreneur Speaks on Diversity Within Tech

Ladies Take The Lead (Social Media Spotlight)

Establish CEO Stacy Kirk’s credibility within tech.Pitch to nationwide and localized tech blogs,
podcasts, magazine articles (digital and print),
and all other forms of media.



Access strategic partnerships.Career, advise and talent development and connections

Partnership with UnCubed to help place graduated in roles after completion of the bootcamp.

Partnership with Diversify Tech

Additional Reach


Publicity efforts were often reposted via social media across several accounts including the publication’s platforms, Anika PR platforms, QualityWorks’ platforms and more.


Using their stance as an insider, the QualityWorks team also shared the initiative across several different relevant groups, such as Blacks United in Leading Technology, Black in Tech (BIT), 100 Black Men Association, and many others.


Data showed that those who visited the QualityWorks Agile Software Testing Bootcamp landing page were coming from the following sites associated with Anika PR effort throughout September:

Direct to site – 51%
Facebook – 17%
Diversify Tech – 11.5%
LinkedIn – 6.5%
Infosecurity Magazine – 6%
Google – 3%
Twitter – 2%
SocalTech – 1%

Stephens Meinecke Domnitz Attorneys

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Soapbox Media Group

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Tbg Events

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Underground Sun

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Women's Inflection Point

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